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Single Guys Dating Married Women Anyhow

Single guys dating people’s wives knowingly, amadioha has vowed to visit you and the woman the next time you will be doing *that thing* …single guys pls get a will you feel if a guy like you is knacking your mother…

Let me give you the chloroquine for your malaria….when you marry, may another guy swim in your wife’s ***** on a steady force…Amen

Married men satisfy your wives don’t leave her all by don’t have time for her but you have time for your bitches…you have built a wall around you by hiding behind your job and business… Your wife is part of your job and business oo “Mr restless blocos”…

You go about satisfying your shamelessness outside but when your wife does same you send her packing…. Otolo gbagbuo gi ebe ahu….na only you get blood for your veins????

Married women you should shamefully soak your heads in a piping bucket of hot water or in a bucket full of two weeks old shit…whoever told you infidelity is a compensation for your husband’s negligence and infidelity.. Instead of swimming in an ocean of mud why not divorce his cheating ass and remarry if you so desire to be with a man…No you won’t, instead you allow a small boy to come in between your legs and lick your miserable *****…how do you even live with that?? Oooh chi m oo.

Some of you Single ladies,unrepentant married men hunters, potential home destroyers from the pit of hell, where do I start from….pikin wey say em mama no go sleep, em too no go sleep…may your husbands abandon you for single girls the same way you made your married prey abandon their wives…Amen

To wrap up, I want to say this to the registry and the church….the Union you create every Saturdays no longer stay united…they have become a caricature, a huge glaring faux… Marriage is no longer a sacred Union, it’s now a sacrilege…people who don’t know the ethics of marriage are eagerly getting married in hundreds every Saturday and the rate of divorce/separation is also increasing in hundreds…

I suggest a law be enforced for people who intend to marry,it would be well stated and agreed that they would only be wedded or allowed to live as man and wife only and only if they are fully ready to live up to their marital responsibilities and are ready to satisfy only each other for the rest of their lives, failing to do so would be termed “fraud” and will attract a jail term…..
No be by force to marry

Happy Weekend

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