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Why Would The Boko Haram Man Who Abducted And Raped Amina Be Treated With Respect?

Why would a comfirmed Bokoharam fighter who abducted, maimed, killed, burnt and raped Nigerian girls and women be treated with respect even to the extent of according him the right to sit next to his victim and be called her husband when we all know she was taken forcefully from her home and raped repeatedly by him?

When did he pay her bride price and to whom under who’s consent?

Shouldnt this man be under severe interrogation by now?

Why is he receiving presidential handshake at Aso rock?

This administration is really encouraging men to rape after all if she gets pregnant you can say you want to marry her. Buhari administration is indirectly indicating that rape is not crime but a means of marriage.

In Europe, this man would be considered a security risk and would be under serious quarantine abd cross examination using any means necessary to extract information.

Nnamdi Kanu in Prison but a Boko Haram member who killed, adopted, raped and impregnated a minor was in Aso Rock. He was not “CRUSHED”

Why is one girl they claimed they rescue more important than the thousands of women and children that have been rescued from the camp of boko haram, what is so special about the chibok girls that is generating all this noise or is it because that was the one that the world saw?

How did Nigeria degenerate to this

By Kimberly Egbo

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